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Kinka Palms Motel - Outside:

Our main roadside sign. This is what you will see first when you drive along Scenic Hwy. The letters are written in reflective paint, so they glow at night and really stand out when car headlights shine near them.

The view down the driveway to our motel. We are set about 50m back from the road, and there's plenty of parking space for boats, trailers, etc, and plenty of room to spread out and play. The grass is brown due to lack of rain, but we keep it as green as possible closer to the motel with the aid of water sprinklers.

One of our picnic tables, with our lovely in-ground pool beyond.

A close up of our pool.

View along the veranda of the tables and chairs outside each apartment. This setup creates a warm, social atmosphere when people sit outside.

The view across the pool towards the beach from the rear wing of out motel.

The view across the pool towards the beach from the side wing of out motel.

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